Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's a glorious Saturday here in the PNW! I just got back from my walk... did approximately 7 miles. Think I might just do some "Spring" cleaning. Although, with the way I clean (or the lack thereof), it's just plain cleaning.

In other news... my fish are all dead. No more Neon Mob, no more Corsican Brothers. *sigh* Some kind of nasty tank death took 'em all out. So, I'll also be taking the fish tank apart and dumping and cleaning all of that. I'm not overly distraught about it, and I'll actually be relieved to not have to deal with the whole gig anymore. Still, they were pretty and relaxing to watch. Actually, my first thought was "Gee, I hope they didn't suffer." Then I laughed at myself. I mean... they're fucking fish after all! If they'd have been bigger, I'd have gutted and eaten 'em long ago.

Maybe I'll get a lizard. Midnight would be so pleased.


  1. Reminds me I need to erm clean my room aka move the dust around.

  2. Get midnight a live toy, she will love it!


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