Friday, April 18, 2008



Need I say more? Oh yeah, thank all the gods! It's been a fast week, but it's been a grind. The faster I dance, the quicker the beat of the music. Time to step away from the bandstand and listen to the breeze.

Someone asked me if I'm still vegetarian. Not so much. I still aim for mostly vegetarian meals, but I do eat meat. I'm much more conscious of my choices, that's for sure. So, while I say I'm sort of vegetarian, in my book that's like saying I'm sort of pregnant (which I most definitely am not, the advent of which would create a whole new star in the East). One is, or one isn't.

Speaking of sex... *sigh*... oh, nevermind.

I've been longing for Hungary (darn ya and your foodie talk, Paul!). I miss Hungary. I miss the bustling city life in Budapest, the big open air market every morning and going to buy fresh crusty bread and sausages and cheese and fruit for breakfast. I miss the dusty villages and watching the cows head down the street and out of town to pasture. I miss seeing the gypsies and the vicarious connection I always felt while observing them. I miss the constant Hungarian chatter (Hungarians seem to always have something to say.) I miss the fierce, but practical passion of the Hungarians. I miss the rich, artery-clogging meals and pastries. I miss my clan. Mostly, I miss an entire country that smells like my Grandmother's kitchen - a country redolent with the scent of paprika and onions.

Volna egy jó nap... viszlát!

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