Friday, February 27, 2009


I have internet again. WooHOOOO!!!! Yeah, it's just dial up (only thing available out here in The Middle O' Nowhere), but it's better than nothing, eh wot!? Given that I have nothing better to do with my time right now, you can look forward to regular posts again. I know, I know... you've been bereft of anything else constructive to do with your time.

And thank you all for your comments and tremendous support. You've no idea what that means to me. Rest assured that ain't nothin' on this earth can change the spirit of your favorite gypsy.

More later... much more... count on that!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Re: Surfacing

For all of you who were worried, thank you. I am here. I am well.

I no longer have a job, so I no longer have internet. I'm currently borrowing time on my very kind neighbor's machine.

It's been a surreal, sort of nightmarish couple of weeks.

Pregnant pause.

On February 2nd I was pulled over and arrested on a warrant that was out on me that I was completely unaware of. I can't and/or won't go into detail about it, suffice to say that if I wasn't the strong woman I am it would have undone me. As it was, I spent 9 days in jail (never been there, done that before!) waiting for my court appearance (which took all of 5 minutes). I think what got me through it as well as I did is my ability to displace myself and pretend I'm doing research. Whenever it would start getting to be too much to deal with I'd just think, "Well, this is interesting...." And pretend I was doing research for my book. In a way, I was.

I almost hesitate stating any of this, but it is what it is and I am still the person I've always been and sometimes life throws really nasty curve balls. It appears that in this country one is guilty until proven innocent. 'Nuff said.

On the upside, I met some fascinating people. Really. My eyes were opened to things I hadn't been privy to before. I've realized, as I've always suspected, that there are very few really bad people in this world... just people who have screwed up, more importantly, people who've screwed up and gotten caught. One of the sweetest, most intelligent people I met was this adorable Native American woman who happens to be a crack ho (though I'm hoping my words to her made some impact and she'll find the life she that was intended for her). For whatever reason we bonded (maybe it's our mutual ability to handle sarcasm). I also made (lifelong, I think) friends with a woman who really shouldn't have been in jail... heck, there were only a couple of people that I felt really needed to be there.

Circumstance... it's the bitch sister of karma. Y'all watch your hind-quarters, okay?

More soon... I promise.

I remain... as ever... the gypsy you've known all along. Trusssssst me.....


Monday, February 2, 2009

Wear It.... Well....

I heard her voice, but I couldn't imagine that she was talking to me. Then I realized that I was the only other person pawing through the produce bins. Even so, I thought maybe I had missed something. She'd said, "You look so put together. I wish I could pull off that look." I finally turned and put my hand on my chest in a "Moi?!" gesture.

There she was, nice blouse, smart looking corduroy jacket, fashionable boots pulled over designer jeans, hair coiffed just right, earrings and make-up on. All that on a Saturday... surely she must have a lunch date.

Still, I thought I must have heard incorrectly. Not wanting to assume that she was being a smartass, I smiled uncertainly and said, "Excuse me?" She replied, "No really, you just look so comfortable, but in such a cool way." I couldn't hold back. I laughed, "You gotta be kidding! Okay, who's got the camera!" Here's why. Well, let me say first that on Saturdays I don't dress any differently than I do any other day of the week. Fortunately, my job at least allows for absolute casualness when it comes to attire.

Okay, for those of you who haven't seen me in recent years or never before, tog-wise I've definitely become the quintessential Pacific Northwesterner. Everything you've ever heard about 'our' sense of style is absolutely true. I've even been spotted wearing socks with my sandals (but never with shorts!). I'm one of those people who, when invited to an event, goes into a panic at how to translate jeans into something elegant.

Also, it should be noted that I don't own a winter coat. Nope, not even up there in snow country. I dress in layers and fleece is my best friend. So, Saturday found me in my usual garb (and none of it could be called 'designer' by any stretch of the imagination): wool socks, hiking boots, jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt, an old flannel shirt that's now three sizes too big and hanging untucked over my hips, fleece vest, and my Australian cowboy hat over braids. I'm a poster child for woodsy comfort and simplicity. I never suspected I was making a fashion statement!

But, she laughed with me and said, "Really! You just look so totally woodsy without wearing it like a badge of honor. If I try to do that, I look like I fell just fell off the Value Village truck." Having recently fallen off the Value Village truck I didn't know what to say to her besides, "Well, um... thank you." Which I did.

Personally, I think it's being comfortable in your own skin that's the real fashion statement.
Made me wonder what the gal would have said if she'd seen me Sunday morning... tromping to and from the woodshed in a holey turtleneck, same wooly socks as Saturday (yep, slept with 'em on - it was cold!), wool clogs, bathrobe (fleece, of course!), and baseball cap (didn't want my Witchy-Poo hair to frighten critters). I had no qualms about waving to my neighbor, who didn't even bat an eye at my attire. Guess my fashion sense has finally found a home.

Or maybe it's that I've finally found a home, and the contentment I feel is the final layer that sets the style.