Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Re: Surfacing

For all of you who were worried, thank you. I am here. I am well.

I no longer have a job, so I no longer have internet. I'm currently borrowing time on my very kind neighbor's machine.

It's been a surreal, sort of nightmarish couple of weeks.

Pregnant pause.

On February 2nd I was pulled over and arrested on a warrant that was out on me that I was completely unaware of. I can't and/or won't go into detail about it, suffice to say that if I wasn't the strong woman I am it would have undone me. As it was, I spent 9 days in jail (never been there, done that before!) waiting for my court appearance (which took all of 5 minutes). I think what got me through it as well as I did is my ability to displace myself and pretend I'm doing research. Whenever it would start getting to be too much to deal with I'd just think, "Well, this is interesting...." And pretend I was doing research for my book. In a way, I was.

I almost hesitate stating any of this, but it is what it is and I am still the person I've always been and sometimes life throws really nasty curve balls. It appears that in this country one is guilty until proven innocent. 'Nuff said.

On the upside, I met some fascinating people. Really. My eyes were opened to things I hadn't been privy to before. I've realized, as I've always suspected, that there are very few really bad people in this world... just people who have screwed up, more importantly, people who've screwed up and gotten caught. One of the sweetest, most intelligent people I met was this adorable Native American woman who happens to be a crack ho (though I'm hoping my words to her made some impact and she'll find the life she that was intended for her). For whatever reason we bonded (maybe it's our mutual ability to handle sarcasm). I also made (lifelong, I think) friends with a woman who really shouldn't have been in jail... heck, there were only a couple of people that I felt really needed to be there.

Circumstance... it's the bitch sister of karma. Y'all watch your hind-quarters, okay?

More soon... I promise.

I remain... as ever... the gypsy you've known all along. Trusssssst me.....



  1. Barb! i'm glad you are out of jail now, as that's a horrible place to be. Paul says many jails are worse than prison. And more importantly i am really happy you're ok. My god. Keep your head up. Well, ofcourse you will... My love to you.

  2. Barb, no matter what crap life throws in your face, all of your friends are behind you, with you, and will always believe in have our trust, always did, always will...
    Love you Kemosabi,

  3. Only you Barb, could come out of an experience like jail with lifelong friends, prose enough to write a book, and a newfound sense of self. I tip my hat to you and wait for further instructions...
    My most fond regards,

  4. Barb,
    What a crazy situation, I mean your a law abiding citizen, I'd say they got the wrong "Barb", I mean no job, no net that truly sucks big time. I hope you get your job back or find another one quick enough.

  5. Really-- tell them it was ME that was shouting in your former back yard!!!

    See, I told you that you'd blend in well here in East Wheeling... now you've got the street cred to prove it ;-)

    Glad you're home & that things are rolling forward.

    P.S. Any irony that my word verification is "tries"?

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