About Me


The basics: I'm a writer and an artist, although I'll turn my hand to anything that requires a creative mind and/or skillset. The sign in my studio reads: Any Craft Will Do. I'm a gypsy soul and have wandered many places in my life. Now that I've settled down, it's only my mind that wanders... and that is okay.

Where I've settled is Snohomish, WA, nestled between the beautiful Cascade foothills and Puget Sound. I'm fortunate to have the love and support of my wonderful mate, Steve.

And as if you can't gather enough other information by simply reading my blog, I will answer the questions set forth by the famous Bernard Pivot.

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on?

What turns you off?

What sound or noise do you love?
the sound the coffee pot makes when fresh bean is brewing

What sound or noise do you hate?
leaf blowers

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

What profession would you not like to do?
port-a-potty deliverer/retriever

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Were I to believe in such things, I'd like to hear, "Not bad. Not bad at all..."

What is your favorite curse word or phrase?
Fuck a duck!