Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can't Quite Put a Finger on It...

Surprise, surprise. No rain today. I was up early and went walking (4.5 miles). Now I've got a big pot of chili simmering on the stove, and I'm in a crafty mood. Time to dump the boiler in my pressurized brain case. I've been living in seige mentality for too many weeks, between work and life stuff. I'm in desperate need of a road trip. However it is unlikely that will happen any time soon considering gas prices and finances. So, artwork it is.

I've been pondering something Tonto flung out at me the other day. It's just the kind of dark smart-ass humor I love her for. We were talking about (essentially) how life can turn the tables on you. She said, "Don't let the fickle finger of fate flip you off."

I instantly had two different mental pictures when she said that. One: I'm just another fly on the great big shit pile and there's a humongous finger poised and waiting to flick me off, hurtling ass over tea kettle, into a different realm. Two: The three Fates are sitting around, eating nachos, staring down and thinking, "Let's screw with her day today." Then as I stumble, trip, and fall over various obstacles they've placed in my path, a giant hand appears to give me the bird, and a nasty high-pitched female voice giggles and shouts, "Neener neener!"

I like the second scenario better. Mostly because I don't want to be a shit-eatin' fly.

But I love Tonto's words. Classic.

if sunlight
is god
if the river
is life
who am I
to be standing
in either?

~bb 1996~

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