Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

I'm not always brilliant... just so's you know. For a supposed intelligent woman, I can be a total idiot. I pulled a real Dorothy and foolishly went looking for satisfaction beyond my own back yard; got dazzled and distracted by the pretty sights. Shoulda stayed on the farm, snackin' on crullers with Zeke and the boys.

Ah well. Lesson learned. There's nothing in that rattling black bag of tricks for me. Click heels thricely...

Jenny Owen Youngs said it best. "The fuck was I thinking...?" Laura, thanks for enlightening me months ago to this fine tune... wouldn't have made it through the night without this one. (*cue wise-ass gypsy smirk*) S'ok. No worries. I'm fine. Oh yeah. "Sophia home... Sophia home now... pass me them peas..." And (in another reference to The Color Purple), to that handsome stranger who played me like a happy little banjo: "Until you do right... everything you even think about gonna fail."

Let's go home, Toto.

G'lord, but I do have a fine talent for mixing story lines, movie genres and obscure lyrics.

Jenny Owen Youngs, Fuck Was I


  1. Did you think for a minute that I could resist commenting on this one??? Foresooth-- two of my favorite alltime flicks AND J.O.Y's ode to craptastic relations?

    **even though I anticipate needing a glass o' SOMETHING handy when I get the skinny-- and I WILL get it**

    Sing out, Miss Gale... Glinda's ready to hollaback ~ ~ ~>

  2. Eh. Ain't no thang yo. I am oh so over it.

    *tosses braids back with a stubborn glare*

    Ease on down...ease on down the roa-oad. Don't you carry nuthin' that might be a load...

    *clicks internal cd/dvd disc rotate button... cues Moonstruck*

    "Ma! I don' wanna tawk aboudit!"


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