Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out on a Limn

Yes, limn. I spelled it correctly. It's my new word (*winks toward Olympia*).
Pronounced: lim. It's a transitive verb from the Latin iluminare (to illuminate):
1 : to draw or paint on a surface
2 : to outline in clear sharp detail : delineate
3 : describe [the novel limns the frontier life of the settlers]

That's right friends n' neighbors, we're gonna be learnin' us some new words. Well, the words aren't new, but our knowledge of them is. Tonto always accuses me of using $3.57 words that she's gotta google - well, brace y'self, Pal. It ain't gonna get any easier. Aw, c'mon. You can do it.

See, you guys think I know everything, but I don't. So, if/when I autodidact my way into new cranial input, you're coming along with me. It's my new policy - the new wing on the Ink Pad. Then when your friends and family say, "Why ya gotta use all them dang $3.57 words all the time?!" You can just shrug and tell 'em what I do. They're just words I read somewhere along the way.

We're not born with knowledge, we accumulate it throughout life. Stop adding to that accumulation, and you will die. I'm sure of it. My mother is 80 years old and while her body is definitely showing signs of road weariness, her mind is sharp. She does crossword puzzles, plays bridge, teaches herself little refresher courses in Spanish, and (*drum roll*) she reads!!! Mental activity is just as essential to good health as physical activity is.

I've talked before about us challenging ourselves with personal growth. Well, this is part of that challenge. And, hey... you find a new word? Email it to me! You'll earn extra credit for that, and maybe even 5 more minutes on the playground.

Eschew obfuscation - never use big words where a diminutive utterance will suffice.

Class dismissed.

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  1. your a card, so ya are barb this is quintessentially great (god bless built in spell check, even if it appears to be the American English version). $3.57 aka around £1.60 would buy ya about 1/5 of a gallon of gas right now...
    Goes to dig out the scots dictionary & wow my "verificational" phrase isn't 60 letters long.


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