Saturday, April 12, 2008

Culture Shock

Ahhhh, Saturday. And what a beautiful day it is! The sun is making its appearance here in the PNW, sparkling off of the dew and spider webs. The dandelions are in full force and smiling like happy toddlers, the vinca is screaming purple, and the tulip tree is struttin' its stuff like a big ol' bridal bouquet. The air is fresh and I have the windows open. I'm working on my second cup o' bean and life is good. Just the kind of morning I needed after a couple of grueling weeks.

I have plans to go to the ballet tonight to see Midsummer Night's Dream. I used to do cultural stuff all the time when I lived in DC, but it's something that's been missing from my life since I moved West. So, I'm puttin' on my good shoes and goin' high-brow.

Tomorrow I need to fire up the mower and deal with the yard, else my neighbors will rush me in mutinous anger, I fear. They'd be justified.

I'm off to walk down to the lake and say hello to the ducks.

Listen to this a few times and tell me if it doesn't just make everything better... C'mon, get happy!
Nickel Creek, Smoothie Song (I LOVE these guys!!!)

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