Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Stood Beneath an Orange Sky

I think I had Laura dreams last night (or at least part of one). I was in a seedy hotel looking for a vending machine that sold beer. Then I was on an island beach, chasing iguanas away from my picnic. The sky was an intense fuschia color against teal palm trees and black sand. I had a macaw on my shoulder, combing through my hair with its beak. A group of asians wandered up and down the beach, murmuring in low tones as they looked for shells.

Then I was in an office that had the feel of an old English library to it. Bill was dictating a letter to me. It was a letter to John, telling him all about me, what I was up to, how my life is now. My eyes kept filling with tears because his words were so touching, and I could barely see the page, but I couldn't stop scribbling for fear of losing his words. At the same time, I was angry with him for making me do the job, because I knew that he knew what it was doing to me.

*sigh* I want to go back to sleep.

Alexi Murdoch, Orange Sky


  1. So-- which key words made it a "Laura dream"-- seedy, beer, motel, or macaw (or some combination of all of the above)?

    Potentially embarrased inquirers (might?) want to know ;-)

  2. It was the seedy motel and the search for beer (not a tool belt in sight though). And perhaps the vibrant colors on the beach.


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