Friday, April 11, 2008

Pass It To Me Baby, Pass It To Me Slow...




Friday at last! I know, I say that every Friday, but I really mean it this time. It's been a killer couple of weeks for me at work. I'm still pulling double duty because I still haven't been able to teach my replacement what she needs to know, because her replacement has been AWOL for one reason or another. Enough already. I may be Bendable Barbie, but I needs me a freeeeeekin' break! I'm all but lame from the dingo bites on my legs.

This one goes out to everyone who needs a break... whether your 'good buzz' is literal or figurative, go have some fun and enjoy yourselves. Have a great weekend!

Jonathan Edwards, Shanty


  1. T...G...I...F!! I am turning off the phones and telling them to take this job and shove it for the weekend. I hear ya' sis, what to do what to do. YOU have a bitchin' weekend also. ILY

  2. No doubt!

    Off to the mountain to enjoy mother nature and forget my way home... :) Love that song!


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