Friday, April 25, 2008

Gaseous Anomaly

At the risk of sounding reduntant and repeating myself over and over again and saying the same thing more than once.... can I just say how glad it I am that it's Friday again!?

I went to the gas station yesterday and asked the clerk for $5.00 worth of gas. He farted and handed me a receipt.

But seriously folks... I filled up Birddog and... holy buckets! This gypsy isn't going anywhere any time soon! Ridiculous. If it wasn't for my deep abiding love and affection for the ol' dawg, I'd consider selling her. But no. Never! Unthinkable!

It was difficult to not drive away and just go somewhere once the tank was filled. I wanted to... I really really wanted to.... *sigh*

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  1. Yeah Gas is getting a tad expensive over here, some unscrupulous people are even putting it up higher due to a strike over pensions that's only actually affecting NEW company employees, but they are having to shut down the only oil refinery in Scotland because of this, let the "Panic" begin:|.
    Americans need to import a few British cars, they maybe small but they get good gas milage I'm talking > 40 mpg here although some do get < 20 mpg...


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