Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunny Sunday!

Jupiter anon! *whistles* Everybody, outa the pool!

It's a weekend day in the Greater Puget Sound area and... brace yourselves... it's S U N N Y! How did that happen? What amazing twist in universal fortune brought this about? Unthinkable... unheard of... crap. Now everyone will want to move here.

I was awakened at 7 this morning by the glare of the newly returned Bright Hurty Thing. Ol' Sol was beamin' through the blinds, insistent as all get out, and assisted by Li'l Miss Thang who would pace and howl until I paid her due attention (aka, fill the food dish). I stumbled out to the kitchen to make bean and was summarily blinded by the wash of light coming in my windows. My windows. My filthy, nasty windows... yes, this was my thought before I even made bean... (cue Smeagol's voice here) "must... clean... nasty... windowses...."

So, I've been a cleaning mad woman since (or would that be a mad cleaning woman... the syntax is a bit blurry there, to be certain). Got the windows done post haste, got the floors mopped, kitchen's bleached, picked up the tree limbs that were littering my front yard, swept the porches, and took out the trash. The house is bright, and clean (and freezing, as I have the back door open, thought it's all of 50 degrees), and smells good.

Best thing? It's not even noon! I'll see yaz lay-tuh! I'm goin' walkin'... time for this gypsy to tromp in the sun.

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