Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chance & Luck

Remember the embroidered line in my dream? Chance never looks luck in the eye.

There's a difference between chance and luck.

Chance: the absence of any cause of events that can be predicted, understood, or controlled; to risk

Luck: good fortune; advantage or success, often considered as the result of chance

Chance is about having faith. Luck is what comes regardless, good or bad. Faith and Folly. Chance is something you take. Luck is something you get. Chance is buying the lotto ticket. Luck is having the winning numbers.

Chance is masculine. "Hey Chance! Here boy!!" Luck is feminine. "Luck be a lady tonight." (Frank Loesser, Luck Be a Lady)

It stands to reason that Chance doesn't see eye to eye with Luck. They may occasionally be in the same room together, may even walk hand in hand sometimes, but they are, at the outset anyway, separate and apart.

While I'm all about chance, (I'm a risk taking fool of a card player. I'll dive into the unknown just for fun.), I don't much believe in luck, or I should say, I don't believe in waiting for luck. Life is what you make it - do you take risks, or do you sit back and wait for fortune to find you? Like the old joke says, meet the gods halfway... you gotta buy the damned lottery ticket.
the way he said, take it, take it and make it with your own two hands
that was my old man and he said
if all is grounded you should go make a mountain out of it

~Jason Mraz, Sleep All Day

What I didn't mention about that dream was that David was in it, busy doing his own thing while I was embroidering the phrase. It occurs to me... Chance was posting a personal ad. Luck was finding a guy like David. Whatever comes of it (chancy business, this relationship development stuff), I'm honored to know the dude. Lucky me (grin).

Chance never looks luck in the eye.

Hmmmm. Indeed.


  1. Okay that's my theory blown clean out the water by some swift logic - should have thought more...

  2. No worries, G. Told you I'd been chewing on it for a while.


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