Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spring in My Step

It's yet another glorious day here in the Pacific NW. The sun is high, the sky is electric blue, and temps are in the 50's. I was up early (gee, thanks, cat!). Actually, I was up half of the night. Having been struck by my muse at 2 a.m., I wandered out to the piano and wrote a new song: Not Sayin'.

I headed out shortly after nine this morning for a good long walk. I think I did about 5 miles. I headed down the hill to Lake Washington (I'm about maybe a mile from it), and walked through the park and back around again. The lake was beautiful - calm and clear, and smooth as glass.

I'd forgotten over the past few years just how much I enjoy walking, how much I enjoy the feeling of my feet smacking the earth, how much it regenerates me in so many ways. Sad that I did. There's nothing so amazing as tooling down the road under your own steam. The slower pace makes you notice things that would otherwise go by in a blur, and gives plenty of time for all kinds of contemplation and mental meandering. I'm glad that I've been able to rediscover my love of walking. It's a little different now, what with my gimpy left leg (I don't have any sensation from about mid-calf down), but it's still my very own leg and making it move me feels good.

In my bleary-eyed sift through my quote book as I was trying to fall back asleep, circa 4 a.m., I came across one of my all time favorite quotes. I've been contemplating that much of the day, thinking about what it means, exactly, and how to implement it.

"There will only be one of you for all time.

You must fearlessly be yourself."
~Anthony Rapp

See, it's not just that we only get this one life, but that we only get one of our selves. You and I are never going to be repeated. There will never be another Barb Black to stumble across your paths (yeah yeah... ok... all together now, "Oh, thank ALL the gods!"). Yep, I'm the only one you get. Conversely, you're the only you that I get to have.

Deep thoughts for such a sunny day. Kind of makes you appreciate others more, doesn't it. Makes you appreciate individuality, and the uniqueness of each spirit that enhances your existence.

And, "fearlessly be yourself"... well now, that's what I've been talking about, i'nit? If you bend to the whims, needs, wants and rules of others, who are you really? Be you. Be entirely, ceaselessly you. Be the best you that you can be. You're a precious commodity - there's only one, after all. Live with force.
Now open your arms
Pick up your head
Open your eyes
So you can see
What happens next
You won’t believe
Just how good it can get

The Wallflowers, How Good It Can Get


  1. I don't know barb, maybe 2 of you could be a bit of fun maybe.
    Just be glad there ain't 2 of me floating around, ye gods that would be scary.
    I'll need to go look at the song and maybe even work out the notes to it of course I'll probably get it all wrong put it in the wrong time signature and key but hey we are all individual.
    You would love the walking around here, well as long as you don't mind hills :D right now it's in the high 40's and it's meant to go to the low 30's tonight so yeah it's a little cooler over here.
    "May peace walk beside you and in your heart always."
    Me cicra 2000.

  2. Love the words to your new song Kemosabi...they are really straight from the heart, and I can't wait to hear you sing them.
    Love ya buddy,

  3. Oh, trust me, Gordon... one of me is way more than enough. Even one has proven to be too much for some. Two would likely cause wide-spread panic, fear, and fervent praying for nuclear anihilation. I'd love to hike Scotland... someday (cue wistful sigh. Your terraine is much like the terraine here in the Pacific NW.

    As to "Not Sayin'"... think country cross-over - key of A-Major, basic 4/4 time. Slow n' easy.

    Tonto, thanks ever so! You speak truth... can't get much closer to what I'm feeling right now than those particular words. Get your but up here for a visit! I'll give you the full concert - with Midnight singing harmony.


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