Friday, February 22, 2008

Forward, ho!

Friday! WoooHOOOO!

I've been putting in 11-hour work days all week, and I think I've had just about enough. My eyes are turning into lint-covered dust balls. I'm ready for some fun and relaxation. Of course, I still have to get through today, but I'm mostly tough. I think I'll make it.

I mentioned a few posts ago that, in September, I'm going to be doing the 60-mile Walk for the Cure to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer fund (the ad says, "You've gotta be crazy to do this!" I figure I qualify.). Well, I've decided to do a trial-hike of sorts in June. There's another group ( that's doing an all night 20-mile walk to benefit The American Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide. I think it'll be fun to troop around all through the night. Although I've never personally known anyone who committed suicide (thank all the gods), I've known plenty of people who've been down that low (myself included). While the angry side of me sees suicide as a selfish option, the compassionate side of me can't help but ache for someone who has lost all hope, let alone joy, in life. So, it's a good cause, and it's a good workout for me.

I'm getting to the point in my weight loss that people are starting to notice, and that always feels good. One of my co-workers calls me the Incredible Shrinking Woman, bless her heart. For me, it just plain feels good to be shrinking, to feel less old, to have more energy, to feel less like a semi-truck trying to park in a VW world. I've been asked how much I've lost, and I have no idea. I didn't weigh myself at the outset, and I don't intend to. For me, it's not about numbers, it's about how I feel and how my clothes fit. Currently, everything is baggy. Yippee! When the weather got nicer this week (it's been gorgeous and in the 50s all week here!), I hauled out some of my short-sleeved shirts from last summer... I'm swimmin' in 'em! I love being able to haul out old clothes and say, "Nope, can't wear that anymore," because they're too big!

Walk with me

Walk with me.
There was snow, but now
jump up to meet me.
I greet them with
what Mom calls
"a sunny smile and
blue eyes to match the sky."
I am happier
than I'd been;
it's warm,
healing, to laugh
in the Spring's embrace.
I like when you grin too.
There are wildflowers
begging our attention.
Walk with me.
~bab 1998~

Forward, ho!


  1. Hey, ho... FORWARD!!

    No wait-- I meant, well done, you!

    So how did the pig-tail pic(s) go over?

  2. Danke, Dearie.

    As to the pic(s)... I b'lieve they did the "trick"... *sly sideways glance*


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