Thursday, February 21, 2008

Luna See

This moon is a feisty one. It's got claws. It's got fur and teeth.

And, wow! That eclipse last night! The clouds cleared just in time for me to catch the second half of the show. Beautious.

Pretty yes, but the pull of it is showing no mercy whatsoever. I'm not the only afflicted soul either. I talked to Patty in Minny-Soda yesterday and, normally a sweetheart of a gal, she sounded downright fierce. When I told her that with the lunacy (luna IS the root word there, after all) I was feeling, that everyone in my path was about one taebo lesson away from an ass-whuppin', she all but screeched, "YES!"

Interestingly, this lunar tic seems to effect woman more than men. Men seem docile in comparison. Psychological studies have shown that there is no conclusive evidence of the effects of a full moon on humans. Bullshit. Who are they studying?!

All I know is, if you see this woman...
you might want to back off a few paces.


  1. I KNOW that nutter-- I think I saw her streakin' down my alley last night, clutching a bottle of MD & baying at da mo-o-o-o-on ~

  2. Hmm now that's scarier than me in the morning and that's a scary sight.
    Oh and just for you
    JD is okay, drink that SoCo, Single Malt if I can really be bothered with it, Bacardi but only if it's pre-mixed with something else, rum too though ;).. Beer n me don't mix well me and some beers don't mix..
    If you see me drinking beer I've already had a few ;)

  3. Laura, I wouldn'ta been streakin' down your alley... would have been more of a lurching, snuffling gate... think "prowl." And, I would definitely have stopped by for a fortifying beverage or 9.

    Gordon... scary?! You've never seen ME without my morning bean. (There's a pic that will never get posted.) Laura has, and she's lived to tell about it, but only barely.

    I prefer a good red wine (looks like bloooood....*w e g*), or tequila, or JD straight up. No additives for me - I like my beverages the way I like my men... straight, tall and hard.

    Good gawd, I did NOT just say that....

  4. Normally, I would say I like "whatever's on tap", bwa-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaa...

    But lately I've enjoyed my drinks straight up-- with a twist (and a coupla olives thrown in for good measure).

    Shaken AND stirred, if you please, James...

  5. *snort*

    I'll take a double o' whatever you're having. No wait... you'll probably want a double of what I'm having...(it's only kinky the first time)

    Either way, gimme a hit o' that Albuterol. Cain't git my brefs...


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