Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy Sunday

*thud* Whew.

I've been up since 5 a.m., and I've been going at it non-stop. Ahhhh, ah, ah, heyheyhey, get your filthy minds outa my gutter! I've been finishing the edits on the book for Mom, and as Bill would say, my internal infernal editor is merciless. I can't believe how many spelling and grammar errors there are on this blog, and none of you has ever called me on 'em! You're either very kind, or fairly obtuse. Let's stick with kind. *sigh* I still have to write a foreword to the thing... "Dear Mom, sorry there's so much swearing in this book. I know you still think I'm your innocent little girl, but at 46 I decided it was ok to cuss a little. A lot. PS: You were wrong - sex is actually a lot of fun!"

I've yet to get to the card order I received on Friday, but I just got another for 2 dozen (yes, Timothy... you need 24 of 'em!) assorted cards, plus I get to design some wine labels. Shee-it! I'm just gonna hang a BlackInkPad sign on my door!

Had a great time talking to T-man throughout the morning (all ten conversations!). I told him I was going to quote him, because he totally cracked me up a couple of times. At one point, I was giving him some advice. I'm so good at it, that's why. I know what's best for people... it's a fault I've learned to live with. He started to protest at one point, so I said, "Aw, geez, I'm just giving you shit!" He retorted, "Yeah? Well go poop in someone elses yard!"

The other time that had me rolling was when I said to him, "Hey! Guess what I've decided to do...?" He replied rather drolly, "I can't imagine..." It made me laugh because, yeah, I guess anyone would have a tough time keeping up with my gypsy whims these days.

But. Guess what I've decided to do?!

I'm going to sign up for the, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research: Walk for the Cure that'll be happening here in Seattle, in September. My sis is footing the registration fee for me, which was a big consideration ("Oh, Barb! You gotta do it! Don't even think about it any more. Just tell me what you need!!"), and the rest I'll be able to raise as I go along. I'm doing this for several reasons - the biggest of which is that I've lost three very dear women in my life to breast cancer; I know three others who are currently fighting the battlle; one in three women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. With personal statistics like that, let alone the national statistics, it's a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

It's also a great way to whip myself into shape. The walk takes place over three days - 20 miles a day for a total of 60 miles. Yeah. Oy. But... as the dear man said, "It's just walkin'" I figure if I'm down 4 sizes since July '07 by not doing much of anything, then adding that regime ought to have me fuckin' svelt by September. Look out boys... he-yah she comes... badda boom. So, you'll be hearing more about that in the coming weeks and months.

Good grief. 1:15 p.m. already? I've got to get busy, busy, busy!!! Catch y'all in the mornin'!

I wrote this about 10 years ago... time to reclaim it...

Walk with me

I like the power
of my own feet
as I walk
smacking the ground
giving gravity the finger
pushing along
stronger than tides
brighter than sun
I hold the world
(fragile, bleeding, wingless)
in my hand
oh so good, oh so good, osogood
an endless litany
of happiness in being
a mantra in every
pulse of my footsteps
oh so good, oh so good, osogood



  1. Hey Barb,
    My mind wasn't in the gutter but I know Laura so that might come as a surprise :D. Well as this is the first time I've actually read your blog I can't say I've spotted any spelling / grammatical errors on it.
    It is okay to cuss a little, sex I wouldn't comment on that :p..
    That 3 day thing sounds like a winner :). Yeah if your gonna piss in someone's pool make sure ya got some chlorine :P


  2. Hi Gordon, and welcome!

    Glad you decided to take Laura's sage advice and stop by. I've heard about you *glances toward the East*...

    Anyone who associates with Laura for very long will surely end up with a bad case of gutter mind. Just a little caveat to ya...

    Stick around... hugs,

  3. I don't know weather to duck my head in shame or grin shamelessly (chooses the latter, OF COURSE)...

    Now that you've boldly posted your intentions, I guess all I can do is add a giant Boo-YAAAA and throw my own intentions into the fray-- good lawd willin' and the creek don't rise, I'll be right there along with you, smackin the pavement & walkin' for the Cause.

    Can't wait!!

  4. you can poop in my yard anytime, great poem and 24 it is... LU,T

  5. Laura - I'd be proud to have you walking along side me any day (considering you've been hoofin' my path as long as you have been anyway!). Make it happen!

    T-man. You say the sweetest things. No one's ever given me permission to shit in their yard before! LU2!!!


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