Sunday, February 24, 2008

In the Pink

Well, I've done it! The ad says, "You've got to be a little bit crazy..." Seems I qualify. So, I'm now an officially registered participant in the upcoming Breast Cancer 3-day Walk for the Cure to benefit Susan G. Komen. From September 12-14th I'll be walking a total of 60 miles (20 miles per day). I'm excited about it for so many reasons. This is something I've been wanting to do since I lost my first dear friend to breast cancer 15 years ago. I've since lost two other friends to it, and there's an iminent threat of losing more. One in three women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Unacceptable. I do refuse to idly stand by for that.

I will walk for those who no longer can - for Cindy Simon, for Roxan Wynn, for Mary Johnson; and I will walk for those currently surviving - especially the amazing Sherman family. You all shine - you and your families, and the courage you've all shown have made a difference in my life.

I will hold this banner high against the wind,
to show your colors brightly,
because the light inside your laughter must not end
~Barb Black, Tapestry

As I first promised Cindy, so long ago, I will hold the banner high. I will walk. I've put it off long enough. The time is now. Time for this gypsy to race into battle.

In the coming months, you'll be hearing a lot about this from me. Right now, I'm a little overcome with emotion at just having joined. This is very dear to me.

A video from the 2007 Seattle 3-day...


  1. I posted this on another board that you and I belong to, and I feel it's just as appropriate here...

    I am so very proud of you Barb for taking on this walk for me and my family, and all the families on here, and for every single woman out there that has been tragically touched by someone they love that has either lost their battle, or are still fighting the battle...and for all the generations of females that will come along that could also be felled by this horrible disease. Let us not forget that men too, get breast friend Jodie lost her father to this "I don't give a damn who you are I will get you too" disease!

    For the gals on here that have not met you in person, or don't know you very well, they need to know that what you are doing will be a huge endeavor for you with your bad leg and knee. Walking 60 miles even under the best of circumstances will cause many blisters, leg cramps, and a whole host of aches and pains, but you are willing to do all of it to help raise enough money for a cure to help millions of women world wide...I commend you and I am humbled by your drive and compassion, and very very grateful that you are willing to do this for all of us...

    I cannot do the walk, but I will do everything in my power to try to get sponsers for you, including my family, of which we know all too well what this disease does, we have lived it minute by minute, and watched our beautiful Mandy struggle to live and survive and beat this awful horrible disease. That's why her 40th birthday bash was soooo bittersweet in August. And please, please don't be fooled into thinking that you are not at risk for it because no one in your family has ever had one in our family had ever had it either! Mammograms are something that none of us ever want to go and get done, but, the alternative is a hell of a lot worse...the lack of not wanting to go, or I will go later, or it makes my boobs hurt, could cost you precious time, and it could cost you the most precious gift you have, your life. Mandy's form of breast cancer was so extremely aggressive, that from the first time she felt the pain in her breast, to the time the docs finally started doing lumpectomies, and then finally removing the breast, it had started as a tiny spot, and within a few weeks, had taken over the enitre breast...that's how fast this stuff can kill you!

    Rememer what Barb said, 1 in every 3 God, there are more than 3 women here on this board!!! And she's not making these stats up, these are real stats, and real women are being diagnosed daily...daily with this horrible disease!

    So my wonderful friend, anything you need to help you raise money for the cure, to maybe one day save my life, or the lives of the ones that I so dearly love, you let me know and I will be there! You have my pledge!
    Love ya Kemosabi,
    Tonto Sherman

  2. Wow, Tonto. How can I thank you for your words and your input? As ever, I am humbled and honored by your presence in my life. Your family is one of the most inspiring groups of people I've ever met. (And you can bet that Kryptonite is on my iPod when I head out for a walk! I just wish Mart was the one singing it!! I'll make do with 3 Doors Down... *grin*)

    Know that you will be walking with me every silly-millimeter of the way - even if it means tatooing "Tonto" in pink on my shrinking ass. (Not to imply that you're a pain in the ass!)

    Seriously, I love you dearly, my friend and I'm all too aware how precious our time together is. You are one of the very few people who have graced my life that, in all honesty, I can say I'd walk to the ends of the earth for you.

  3. Barb, You will find the strength and the courage to do this, well the courage is already found - you entered after all. I will be thinking of you training for this.
    Just remember those names and those faces when you think you can't another step and take the strength from that and from those around you doing the same thing.
    20 miles is doable, it's 5hrs at 4mph okay that's a tough pace maybe but doable.
    God Bless

  4. Thanks, G-man! Whoodathunk that I'd have a cheerleader from... 5500 miles away?! You pegged it though, those images are the exact things that keep me going already.

    Big hugs to ya,


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