Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers

Happy Veterans Day, and thank you to all who have served this country.

The rain continues. We actually had a short respite late yesterday. The thin veil of mist floating over the nearly full moon was beautiful. As I stood out on the back deck watching the river in the shadowy light that the moon cast, faithful Nino by my side, I realized something. I now have a howling partner for when the moon is full. Not only that, but I'm far enough out there that nobody is going to hear much less care when I do the wild thing.

The constant river. It changes, but it's always there. There are a few people who run through my life much like a river runs. Events may happen that occasionally change the course, but not by much. They find a way to flow around the rocks, past fallen trees, always steady, unstoppable. These are my "veterans" and I celebrate them. They are the people in my life who have been to hell and back and still stand, still breathe in and out, still find a way to make a positive impact on other lives. People who don't back down from anything or anyone. This is my camp. This is my troop. I've realized over the past couple of years that I've honed my already small circle into an even smaller one. But it's filled with solid characters that I know I can rely upon. I feel utterly fortunate that they are at my side, and humbled that they count me among them.

I don't talk about her much, but you've seen her here now and then... heard her voice on occasion. I'm talking about my dear friend Vicki (aka Island Girl, aka Iggy). She will probably want to clobber me for posting this because she doesn't like accolades, but I can't finish out the first year of my blog without giving her long overdue recognition. She's a veteran, no doubt, having been through several personal battles and losses of her own. That she still pushes through every day is an inspiration to me. That she found a way to set aside her own pain and be there for me (and for John), especially over the past couple of years is nothing short of incredible. Iggy has been there, without fail, without question, without expectation or demand and way far above and beyond the call of duty. She has, simply, been there. Igs, your love and support have meant the world to me and I probably don't tell you that enough. You are a woman of honor and an exemplary human being. I'm more than proud to name you among my "happy few." Thank you for everything you are and everything you've done. Now, go spin the kaleidoscope and watch the pretty colors through your tears (hey, if I'm crying, I know you are too!). I love you dearly.

So my friends, that is my Veteran's Day spiel. Who has served by your side in the wars you've been through? Count them. Hold them close. Honor them.


  1. gg
    what can I say but thank you for your kind words.. yes, the tears are falling and for sure the K will spin, as it does many days! my thanks to you for listening! on we go on our paths!
    love & hugs we will howl this week!

  2. They are many, the chosen few in my inner circle. Those who know me better than others, some more than the rest.
    I can name a few my best friend Stu and his lovely wife Annalise, the soon to be parents, Diane, Cathy, my "adopted" lil sis Jen, my Uni friends, My bloger friends Moogie, Mel, Laura and Yourself, Marie and my other friends from Yahoo Chat.
    I salute you all, and thank you for helping me through the tough stuff.
    ** Hugs to you all **
    Iggy sounds like a friend in a million.


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