Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keep On Bloggin' In The Free World

Today is the first anniversary of this blog. Considering that I was dragged kicking and screaming into this gig (thanks Laura, Tonto and Bill), I'm amazed at what a haven it's become for me. This place is as cozy and familiar to me as my mountain home. It has given me the space I needed (and still need) to solidify thoughts and sort them out; to cry, laugh, rant and sigh; to cajole, admonish and praise; it’s allowed me to polish my own mirror and hand off the bottle of windex to anyone else willing to polish theirs; and it’s helped me find a way to reconnect to a world that I had alienated and from which I felt alienated. In essence, it has been the vehicle for this gypsy to find her way out of the tangle of briar and back onto the path.

It's been quite a year, huh? Thank you, all my readers, for being here with me; for being my sounding board, and at times my whipping post (though I never intend harm); for sticking it out while I figure out who the hell I am (as if); for giving me feedback, flack, and encouragement; for being forgiving of my spelling and grammar errors (it’s only to prove I’m human, y’know); for your love and support.

Rest assured, I will continue. I write, therefore I am. Now, light the bonfire already, pass the tequila shots and nachos and let’s get this party rollin’!

Eric Clapton, Signe


  1. **lifting nachos AND a shot simultaneously**

    As ever, proud to be associated with a woman of substance such as your fine self.

    And if I had anything to do with launching this maelstrom of writing, then I consider it a job well done.

    Blog on, B-- blog on!!!

  2. Barb, just keep on Blogging, been there a little longer and well it don't get any easier to post about stuff, but the stuff you right just gets a little more interesting / off the wall / intimate*

    Laura, we thank you for "persuading" Barb to blog :)
    ** hugs to ya both


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