Wednesday, November 26, 2008



Remember that opening scene in the movie Elizabethtown? Orlando Bloom walks through the first five minutes saying to everyone he passes, "I'm fine. I'm fine. Fine, I'm fine..." That'd be me this morning.

I put Birddog in a ditch (a big deep ditch) on my way to work, thanks to a sudden wall of fog, a bit of black ice, an idiot with his brights on (who drives with their brights on in the friggin' fog?!), and a curve. Birddog's ok, I'm ok. All's well that ends well. I'm a bit rattled, but otherwise fine... I'm fine. I was only an hour late for work. I'm fine.

I want to thank a very nice guy named Matt, who was not only kind enough to stop, but also gave me a ride to the gas station and the number of his buddy who owns a towing service. Additionally, I want to thank Chris of the towing service, who was very kind, extremely efficient, and did his best to make me feel like less of an idiot. Nice try, Chris... sorry it wasn't met with more success.

*sigh* I'm fine. Really. Just fine.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I'm thankful to be.


  1. Extremely glad that you and BD came out relatively unscathed-- refraining from pointless chastizement for risking your blessed carcass (I hate it when people I love get curtified).

    Glad you're "fine" and sending my bestest westward **hugs**

  2. make that HURTIFIED-- she, I got punished for inventing a WORD...


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