Monday, November 24, 2008

That For Which I Thank

Howdy, howdy. It was a mostly uneventful weekend out in them thar hills. Just the way I like it. I was up to the usual groceries, petted the neglected cat**, played the piano some (though it was hard to motivate myself after watching an amazing DVD of Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello - thanks Mark), crafted a bit, chopped kindling, hauled wood, cleaned, went for a walk with Sneak Doggie Dog - The Gangsah of Love, read, stared at the river, listened to the wind. It was all good.

[ **Ever since Midnight, in her delayed passive-aggressive fury over the arrival of The Stinking Dog-breath Infidel saw fit to pee on my bed as a form of revenge (cue string of unladylike expletives) I've given her her very own apartment at The Ink Pad. She likes it ok, but I know she gets lonely too. I do miss having her at base camp, but I cain't abide no varmit abusin' my lair in sech fashion.]

Here we are, Thanksgiving week. Amid the rush to find the perfect bird, plan the perfect menu, decide how to separate family and friends who don't get along so's to have a peaceable gathering, and cooking, cooking, cooking... please take some time, find some solitude, and voice the things that bless your life. That's right, find a place alone and say 'em aloud. Yeah, it helps to have a river nearby where no one can hear, but it's not necessary. Go for a drive by yourself if you need to.

I'm thankful for so much. It's difficult to even know where to start. This list is by no means and end all / be all, and it is in no particular order (if you can find order in my free-associative chaotic mind, you probably should sign up to win the Nobel prize or some such). I'm thankful for:

  • Health

  • Peace of Mind

  • Intelligence

  • Love - the ability to give and to receive

  • Friendships

  • Weight loss

  • My fine furry friends, Midnight & Nino - they love me no matter who I am at the end of the day

  • The harsh moments that have brought about beauty - the sour in the sweet

  • The ability to create

  • The ability to communicate and the abundance of venues I seem to have for that ability

  • Natural beauty

  • Food and shelter

  • The continued functioning of all six senses (yeah, I said that)

  • More than anything, I am ever thankful for the loving, supportive gang that comprises my circle - the cast of characters that wander through this blog, if you will (and if I miss anyone, it's not because you're not significant, it's because my mind is involved in a fast-paced race with my typing skills). I wouldn't be who I am without the who of you: Scott (and the various and sundry Spring offspring thereof), Timothy, Laura, Tonto (& The Nana's Place Gang plus A Few Dozen Shermans), Iggy, The Johnson Clan (yeah, all of 'em!), Bill, Wendi, Mark & Karsin, Gary, my entire fam-damily, The Simon Lads, The Dingo Crew. We don't get to choose whom we love (my belief), but given the chance, I'd have chosen you and would choose you all over again.
    I need your grace
    To remind me
    To find my own

    ~Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars

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    1. Yeah I can only imagine the unlady like expletives you utter when you found that one, nose is wrinkling at the very thought, as for a her own "room" yeah I'd do that too, make sure it's just warm enough and no more, make her realize she's done wrong and well after a while warm it up a bit more..
      I don't need to play the video to hear the music, I know that song pretty well by now...

      If I lay here, If I just lay here would you lie with me and just forget the world...

      Ah how to keep the "enemies" and "the ones who don't speak to each other" well enough apart so it's all peaceful, always fun..


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