Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Enough To Make You Go Crazy

Happy Friday! It's been a surreal morning already. I tend to put Birddog on auto-pilot through the forest on the way into Granite Falls. So, there I was, leaning back and enjoying my coffee, grooving to the songs on the radio... so far, so good. About a third of the way into town is a clearing with an adorable little house on it - actually more of a cottage, painted a pretty pale yellow. The place has a 'kerchief sized railed porch in front. Every time I drive by I think cute-n-cozy. However, this morning I nearly spewed bean all over the interior of the truck. There on that wee porch was an inflated plastic turkey - easily six feet tall. (Were it a real turkey, it could feed Thailand for a year.) But wait, that's not all! The turkey's ass was glowing bright red !!! I'm sure the light bulb that someone shoved in there was supposed to light the entire turkey, but it didn't work that way. Instead, the poor gargantuan critter looks as though it has a gigantic bleedin' hemorrhoid! It had me in hysterics... crazy enough that someone decorates for Thanksgiving... but this! Hoooo. Too much.

I kept laughing until the news came on the radio. Right up until my favorite DJ, Marty started talking about GM asking for a bailout. I went from hysterics to near fury. As soon as I had opportunity, I emailed him the following:
Hi Marty... Hey Jodi,

I couldn't believe what I was hearing this morning! A GM bailout?! In the words of Will Smith, "Oh hell no!" I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and year after year felt the pain of friends and their families whenever the auto plants would have layoffs. It was harsh, but they managed and somehow kept going. Did the big auto execs in Grosse Point ever have to cut back though? Did they ever have to refinance or sell their homes? Did they have to take their children out of private schools? Give up the notion of going away on vacation for a couple of years? Figure out how to make something tasty out of top ramen? Or even, may the gods forbid, apply for food stamps? You're a smart man, Marty... bet you know the answer already. You can bet that if they get a government bailout the money isn't going to go toward keeping Joe Rivet employed. It's going to go toward keeping Joseph Upyours III living the lifestyle to which he and his family have become accustomed.

It just slays me that these people are getting bailed out. I've been in the work force for 35 years of my 47 year life. Not once in all that time have any of my cost of living increases gone up commensurately with my actual cost of living. We all do what we have to do. No bailout for GM... nuh uh... never.

Brett Dennen pegged it, "It's enough to make ya go crazy..."

(not so subtle hint to play that song)

Take care,

Barb Black

PS. My 13 year old truck is still worth more than what my parents paid for their first house.

And then in other news, a South Carolina priest is refusing to give communion to anyone who voted for Obama because voting for him (and I quote) "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil." Not that I give a rat's ass what the Catholic church (or anyone) thinks, but... it's just wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to comment or we'd all be here at this blog for days, and we all have other things to do. But... can you say Torquemada? Yeah... knew you could.

Strange day already. I feel like I'm walking through it about 5 inches left of where I should be, part of me stuck in some strange parallel. Glad there's a pending weekend waiting for me. Time for me to put on my hikin' boots, unleash the mutt, and trip off to someplace real.

Brett Dennen, Make You Crazy

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  1. Yes much like the bailouts over here how much will go to the "workers" and how much to the overstuffed execs, my bank got sold down the river that's for sure, the history goes back 300 years, one of the first in the Britain if not Europe / World to issue "paper" money and the only bank other than the Bank of England that has the right to print it's own money.


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