Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Scribbles: In Early June

Some Lies

In Early June

In the stoned murmur
of something
rushing through the
blood-dark sea,
there is the lost
hush of a wave
in your sigh
and a needful tide
in your command.
You fuck
the way I think--
rampant invasion
and wild aggression,
chaotic meter,
and measure gone
in an attempt to release
random longing.
You said,
“you are fucking unreal”
--as if I’d
as you came,
my existence
fueled only
by your thrust.
All curled toes
and screaming greed,
I taloned your back
to let you know
I was not gone,
nor would be going
or at all.

© Barbara Ann Black, 2010-2011

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  1. i am surprised that I don't see other comments.. It hit the mark with me. well done! once again you find words for my think!
    hugs igs


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