Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen - A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Dear Fear,

What a piece of work you turned out to be. All those years I put everything into our relationship. I sweated for you, I worked hard for you. I would have died for you. You kept telling me to stick with you, to believe in you, believe in what we had together.

Yeah? You're a piece of shit. You never gave me anything in return. With you it was nothing but heartache and unfulfilled dreams. Sure I felt safe with you, but that's only because we never went anywhere.

Everything I had, and had to give, was yours. And you took it all too... so selfishly. Yeah, you took it all and twisted it around and made it ugly. Bastard.

Well, guess what... I can be just as sneaky and conniving as you. All that time we were together? I held back just a little. Just enough. I hung on to some of those dreams - kept them tucked away in a secret place. I hid them so well that even I almost forgot they were there.

Oh, and I was seeing others behind your back. I never did give up on my friendship with Hope, even though you tried to keep us from talking. I kept in touch with Love, Desire and Passion.

Your downfall was when you tried to break my spirit. You thought you could simply knock me off of a shelf and have done with it. I'd be completely yours. You were so wrong. What an idiot.

My spirit was far more resilient than you'd anticipated, wasn't it? My dreams were safe from you. Face it, you played your cards, dealt your biggest hand, and you lost. Asshole.

Now get lost. I don't need you in my life any more. We're done. Get that? Don't come around.


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