Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty

Day Twenty - Your views on drugs and alcohol.

My views on this are as with anything... so long as you're not hurting anyone, including yourself, have a ball. Just because you may not remember events does not alleviate your personal responsibility.

That being said, I prefer sobriety. My mind is a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes and words and flotsam and jetsam. I don't need any kind of stimulation, nor do I feel the need to self-medicate. I prefer to feel everything. For me it's the only way to remain creative. It also gives me a certain sense of control, at least when the shit hits the fan I know who's responsible and just how responsible.

That being said, I won't turn down the (very) occasional opportunity to party. But the setting has to be right. I have to be with friends. I have to know that nobody is going to be driving anywhere. I have to know that the people I'm with are non-violent when they indulge. And, without a doubt, I know my limit and I stop there or well before it.

I know, it sounds like I'm too much of a control freak to lighten up, (or light up) and have fun, but these things are simply like doing a safety check on a roller coaster. Love the roller coaster, want to know I'm not going to be hurled (she said hurled... heh heh) to my death as I come sailing through a loop.

I have to say, I love the flavor of alcohol. It speaks to that thing in me that likes bold flavors, that "go big or get off my tongue" palate of mine.


  1. Some of my favorite flavors have been introduced via either your kitchen, your direction "(We HAVE to eat THERE!!"), or at a your suggestion... I also like to contain my imbibing / consumption practices to the company of good & trusted friends who are off to enjoy the same kind of ride as mine ;-)

    Bwa-ha-haaaaa... my captcha is "Sopsit"-- with gravy, baybeee!

  2. (SELF)Control Freaks of the World, Unite!!!

  3. I know my limit, but this time of year, I tend to exceed it. I often find that one-more half consumed or untouched on the coffee table or bedside with my book.


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