Sunday, July 13, 2008

On the Flip Side

It's a very Summery Sunday here. These are the kinds of days that those who live in the PNW don't tell anyone about. We prefer to let y'all think it's rainy and cold all the time, lest you all decide to move here. Hey, it's not that we're out to bogart all the natural beauty, but the roads are crowded enough.

We spent yesterday rearranging half of the house. The office is now officially only an office again... with two computer tables, two computers, a file cabinet and shelving. I've moved my artsy-crafty stuff back into the "spare" room - my original studio before the arrival of the short-lived (stay, that is) very strange roommate back in November. In all honesty, hard work though it was, I like it. I'm beginning to feel like I have a home again and not just a house to live in.

Didn't someone once say "love makes a house a home"? Not to fling emotional mush out there.. what - me?! No, never. But there is something about sharing a life with another person that just plain makes things richer... better - especially having come way too skin o' the teeth close to losing it all again. Even the stupid little stuff, like hauling out trash, or folding laundry, y'know, the everyday tasks, dumb stuff - I dunno. It just seems, um, more something.

Yeah, yeah... I know. Ruminating should be my middle name. But, see... here I am, making space for new, and still replaying old movies. I just finished writing a "speech" that Terri asked me to pen for the upcoming Relay for Life - talking about my experience as a friend, mate, "caregiver" etc. during John's illness. So, I'm rehashing all that, and at the same time looking hopefully forward. It's an odd mix.

Anyway, having both ends of the spectrum at the forefront of my consciousness, just has me really appreciating what I've had and what I have now. It's like... having Christmas twice. It's the birthday that doesn't end. I get a second shot at time in the sun. *sigh*

It's all good. I'm off to bake cookies.

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