Monday, July 26, 2010

The Days of Whine & Posers


The other day a facebook friend posted a blurb, and part of the text was, "I think how crappy my life is sometimes..." I've heard others say similar things and it just flat out pisses me off. Really.

It's not like these people have it so bad. Not really. They're alive, well, eating good food, have a roofs above, and the love of friends and family. Plus, clearly, they have computers, internet connections and televisions. What's the basis for comparison that they think it's so crappy? When, oh when, did we humans breed so many damned whiny babies?! Where did they all come from? It seems to have started in the baby boomer generation and its obviously working it's way down, and it’s just getting worse.

It’s not that everyone doesn’t have a lousy day sometimes. We all do. And, yes, bad shit happens. But this constant bitching, this perpetual Oh-Woe-Is-Me attitude, is just pissing me off… ugh. People wear their issues like they're some shiny, wonderful badge of courage. Bullshit. Utter bullshit. I know a gal who talks about her depression (yes, her depression, she owns it) like it's her favorite pet. I know depression is a serious issue, so don't throw eggs at me just yet. The point is, she doesn't want to feel better (trust me, several remedies and therapies have been offered to no avail). After all, then what would she have to gripe about?! Then what would she fill her life with?

I'm so tired of it. I just want to not be my compassionate self for a minute and lash out. Knock all their heads together. Life is not so bad, given the alternative. Life is not bad at all for most of us. Most importantly, even when life is bad, you get out of it what you put into it. So, go ahead, perpetuate the negative energy, dwell on all the horrors of the world, ramble on about the bad shit that happened in your past. See where it gets you. Write me a letter when you finally figure it out, because I will have moved on. Guaranteed.

Wonder what they’ll do when something really bad happens in their lives. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

There are others I know who would be fully justified in screaming and crying and throwing a tantrum, let alone a little well placed kvetching, but don’t. They just keep going, more often than not with a smile, and “have a nice day.” When I ask them, very seriously, how they are doing, I get real answers. I get, "It's not such a good day, but I'm hanging in there. By the way, did you see that beautiful sunset?!" To them adversity is just life, a tiny part of life in a life that encompasses so much more.

Ahh... there's the key.

Okay. I’m done.


  1. It is in the adversity of life that we learn the sweetness of life. I agree, people get stuck on the adversity. Petulant and indolent, they complain about the unfairness and injustice. Wah wah wah! Seriously? I used to say to my complaining staff when they thought it was a bad day, "Really? It think any day I don't have to cut my own arm off to LIVE is a good day!" It was right after that hiker having to sever his arm with a tiny, dull pocket knife....for THREE DAYS. I want that kind of bravery and passion for my LIFE. This one life. I want it ALL. The bad and the good. The balance. You cannot have great joy without great sorrow.

  2. Oh, I like that, Lisa! Yes, it is all about balance. I strive for that kind of passion in my life, in anything I do and/or care about. It's been put to the test a few times, fortunately it didn't require cutting my own arm off, but a couple of those events felt pretty close to it.

  3. you are so right - it is up to us to move forward, to sculpt our life into what we desire it to be. i used to keep this picture of a $200 car someone once gave me - when i had nothing! that someone would give me something that big to help me out still touches me! and, too, in the midst of walking steadily and every moment into a better life, it's good to be grateful for the small things because soon there are more and more! thanks for the reminder! :)


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