Tuesday, July 27, 2010

By Any Other Name

No. 5

I've discovered that there are over 500 Barb Blacks on facebook. Five hundred. Just on facebook! Considering that not everyone in the world has signed up for facebook (not just yet), I'm guessing that in actuality there are probably at least 500 more. One thousand Barb Blacks in the world. I thought I was unique. I am, kind of. There is, after all, only one me. However, the moniker is a bit over-used, it seems. I don't blame anyone - it's a good name.

When I saw the results of my search, I threatened to change my name. To Xgzdundurplig. It has a definite ring to it. It's likely to be unique. It's fun to say (zigz-DOON-der-plig). However, Xgzdundurplig Ink Pad just doesn't have the same swagger as Black Ink Pad.

As a youth, there was a time when I didn't like my name. I think that's because I wasn't who I needed to be back then. I had to grow into the name. Now I like it... love it really. It's solid and it means something. It's not a name that can be murmured, it has to be said. Barb Black.... all those wonderful bold consonants, the bbb alliterative... it works so well. Plus, it has meaning. Barb: a sharp, pointy, possibly hooked object; an acerbic comment. Black: well, there are just too many to list, but HERE is the list at dictionary.com.

I wonder if all those others appreciate the name as much as I do? All things considered, I can't imagine what other name would fit me nearly as well as this one. Although I did google Xgzdundurplig, and nothing, but nothing comes up. It's unique at least.

But then, I'd just be me. Barb Xgzdundurplig. One of one. Somehow that doesn't seem quite right either.

I think, instead, I will live as uniquely as possible as Barb Black. After all... I'm good at it, and it's really all I know how to be.


  1. ...black is not only my favorite color but my best friend!

  2. Once you go Black, you can't never go back, T! Miss ya tons... been over a year since I've seen you! }:-(


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