Saturday, July 17, 2010

The 80% Success Factor

Steve gave me a hug for no particular reason. We hug a lot. We're good at it. Then, as he ran his hand through my hair, he said something rather curious. He asked, "Where have you been all your life?" At the time I simply chuckled and passed it off with some flippant remark like, "Oh, just hanging around, waiting for you."

Where have you been all your life?

Everywhere and nowhere. I spent an awful lot of time doubting myself, my abilities, my worth. That will keep even the best people stuck on the path and hinder them from getting anywhere. I made my way down the path with all the finesse of a drunken sea bereft manatee. And, it's ironic, all that time I was worried about the destination, and not at all concerned with the journey. These days my mindset is quite the opposite. It's all about the journey.

The truly absurd thing, as I ponder this, is that it no longer matters where I've been. While I have goals, I'm blissfully unconcerned with where I'm actually going. The important thing is that I'm here. Right here. Right now.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.
~ Woody Allen


  1. "The truly absurd thing, as I ponder this, is that it no longer matters where I've been."

    Yes! I love it.

  2. One of the last comments Allan said to me was "I don't look back, I look forward". I am trying!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Vicki, it's definitely a thing easier said than done!

  4. i love it! it is about the journey, about the being present and savoring the fabulous and sometimes not so fabulous moments we experience today. being grateful for the small things we do. i love your honesty. it's like it breaks it open for me to keep trying, or begin again! and hey, we can begin again each day! love the turtle art! :)


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