Friday, July 2, 2010

Cloud Burst

Ever hear the word virga? Virga is the precipitation seen streaming from a cloud but evaporating before it reaches the ground. We get it a lot here in the Pacific Northwet. The cloud bursts and tries so hard to reach the earth, but it's as if the gods tell it, "One day, Grasshopper, but not yet."

I had some virga days at the beginning of the week. I felt as though my head was exploding with ideas, but none of them quite reached their target. Visions would lixiviate and then disappear, as if evaporating. To me that's almost more frustrating than having no ideas at all.

I have the great fortune to be living in a valley with an expansive view, and virga is a beautiful thing to watch. Clouds give off fine, wispy moisture that feathers its way down and then dissipates like magic. It's especially pretty if there's some slight sunshine around.

So, as frustrating as it was, I learned some things, and had some moments of clarity and beauty. And, just like the weather, if I wait long enough, it starts raining again for real. Just now, I'm enjoying a most wonderful inundation. Let it rain. Let it reign. Please.

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