Friday, March 11, 2011


Holding Back The Night
I have no words today
my heart heavy with
victims of disaster,
abused children -
a childhood innocence lost,
men who don't know their own worth,
women who don't see their own beauty,
friends who don't understand their importance,
people wounded -
body, soul, & mind.

I hold no comfort
for the lost;
my bag of tricks
is empty.

Who am I to create
in the midst of their chaos?
Who am I to toss hope
like so many gumdrops
onto their tables?
Who am I
to say anything?

I am the mother of all,
longing only to enfold,
keep safe,
keep sane,
keep happy
the entire world.

But I have no words
in my juxtaposingly wonderful life
(deserved, but unexpected)
for the sorrow I feel
at all the damage I see.

I can only offer love.

I fear my love
is not enough.

I offer it anyway.


  1. And LOVE is enough, for me, for today.

  2. Love may not be enough, but love in a space so sorrowful is better company. The presence of love reminds the ones that feel unloved and unlovable that lvoe is theirs and love is vigil to their woes.

  3. well said m'dear

  4. it's funny, i saw this painting by itself without the explanation, and it seemed the figure was communing with the void, balancing it. that's what i got from it initially. i really love this piece:)


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