Monday, March 21, 2011

20 Minutes of Insanity: Day Five

Half Shadow

I woke myself up this morning by hollering, "Okay!" I was hollering at Steve who had left half an hour earlier. Dream Steve had yet to leave though and was yelling at me from the kitchen, "Hey Hunny... want me to take this hen out to thaw for dinner?" And I replied to the phantom question, and my own voice woke me up. Way to go Barb.

I don't even like Cornish game hens. They're little frozen hockey puck sized pretend chickens. Bleh. Oh, and we don't ever buy them either, so how that whole idea entered into my dream, I've no idea.

Yes, I did. I bought some new walking shoes on Saturday. My first new pair of shoes in three years. Yippee! I'm excited to start with my new exercise regime and get out there and hoof it. Of course, it's going to be rainy today, but last I checked I wasn't made of anything that melts in the rain. Truth be told, I love walking in the rain.

I also got together with my pal Shelley and liberated a b'zillion rubber stamps from her clutches. So, I have new stamps to play with too. I'm holding myself to sorting through them first though. And somehow I'll have to make/find new space in my studio. I wonder if I can hang stamps from the ceiling somehow....?

I have to come up with several new designs, so my newly adopted stamps will come in very handy. It's going to be a busy week. And where the hell did all this dirty laundry come from?! I could swear that other people sneak in, steal our clothes, wear them, then bring them back. So unfair.

Anyway, it was a lovely weekend. The weather was very Spring-y here in my quadrant. It was actually clear enough at night for us to marvel at the 'super moon'. I got to spend the whole weekend with Steve mostly just hanging out, relaxing (napping), snuggling, loving.

I'm deciding that I don't like timed typing. It makes me nervous. Much like being on video and not being able to ignore the existence of the camera, I can't forget that the timer is there. I either check the thing, wishing that the time was up already, or I check the thing wondering if I have enough time left to spit out what I want to say. The art version of immersion is much more fun.

Light is beginning to steal across the sky. I love this time of day. Everything new all over again.

That's really all I have to report today, and I still have three minutes to waste... I mean... write. I'm just not beaned up enough to get really random this morning. And I'm fairly content, so I'm a bit reluctant to stir my own self up.

Oh, one thing. There are some really wonderful people in the world and I'm honored to know so many of them. I know I say it all the time, but I really, truly have some amazing people in my life.

And, ain't that a glorious way to start a new week? I think so...

...tick, tick, tick, tick, tick....

*ding ding ding* ... time's up... and... "publish post"


  1. I love the 20 minute idea! Good way to get out of your own way if you know what I mean. I must have caught a similar wavelength to you last night - no cornish hens in my dreams, but I did make a half shadow drawing, which is not typical for me.

    Anyway keep up the experimenting - good stuff!

  2. Thanks, David! It's an interesting experiment. I'd be happy to share the cornish hens...

  3. You manage to make 20 minutes into something inspirational. I love walking in the rain too.


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