Thursday, March 24, 2011

20 Minutes of Insanity: Day Eight

Tres Trees


I've been walking every day this week (so far). Yay me. On my trek through the neighborhood, I go past a completely fenced in yard. Except for the driveway part, there are thick shrubs that run along the length of the front of the fence. Behind said fence lives an obnoxious pug. I say obnoxious pug like that's not even redundant. It is. Half-assed apologies to all you pug lovers out there, but I just can't stand those mouth-breathing alien pretending-to-be-dog rodents.

It's always at the end of the driveway to greet me. Always with that snorky breathing noise. Once I'm close enough, I say, "You're not even a real dog." Relax, people. It's as close as I get to animal cruelty. Then I can hear the thing breathing as it follows (from behind the bushes and the fence) the sound of my footsteps along the length of the yard. It sounds like Forest Gump imitating his new principal's sex noises. ("Your Mamma sure does care about your education, son!") It's a serial breather and I always march on feeling like I've been stalked by something... well... something rePUGnant. Laugh. You know you want to.

I've slowly been sorting through my 1000 new (to me) stamps. It's like a little bit of Christmas every day. I have so many ideas in my head that I barely know where to begin. What I should begin with is doing a little bit of reorganization in my studio though. It still hasn't recovered fully from the holidays.

I've sold three paintings in the last 24 hours. Blows me away that people want my stuff on their walls. Then again, maybe they're just weary of the standard issue dart boards. Okay. Yeah, yeah. No self-deprecation allowed.

I also have a new-ish friend interested in doing some collaborating with me at one of the local summer markets. Exciting times! I've really gotta organize the studio.

What else, what else....

I'm unusually animated for this time of morning. I feel energized, like the bean was beamed into me while I was still asleep. There's an idea. I'm always slightly jealous of people who can wake up and be immediately, fully awake and coherent. I'm a morning person, but I just don't jump right into it. I kind of leave the chain on the door and take a peek before I let the day in.

Maybe it's the handful of sunflower seeds. They excite my chipmunk proclivities. But I'm not sure I...

*ding ding ding* ... time's up... and... "publish post"

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  1. Congrats on selling the paintings & yes, I did laugh at "rePUGnant", but the poor dog is not responsible for his pugness, it's idiotic breeders who are to blame.


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