Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturation of the Soul

Art, of any kind, isn't just about talent. It's about soul, and soul is about passion. I can appreciate a Shakespeare play, but I much prefer a night of improv. I can appreciate a well practiced choir, and finely tuned symphony, but I'd much rather hear a local high school band playing a slightly discordant version of Louie Louie. I can appreciate what goes into painting a portrait so that it looks exactly as if the subject was still sitting right there within the frame, but I much prefer paintings that are, shall we say, rougher? Paintings that are more open to interpretation.

I get it when an artist has great technique, gifted hand, and good eye. However, when I'm really pulled in by a work of art, it's because they have all that plus soul. They create something more than art. They create a feeling that, in its resonance, causes a trembling within.

I feel that in me when I'm in creative mode, and yet, I’m not sure how to live within that kind of passion full time. Do I even have the chutzpah to do so? I think so, I hope so. Intrepid behavior does tend to rule my day. I know this... I’m not in deep enough yet. I only know I’m on my way.

This is what I am thinking as I watch the rain pour down. Saturation of the soul, my friends, saturation of the soul... and the passion that comes with wringing out every bit of it. There's a rather whimsical smile on my face when I think that I was once afraid of this stuff. Now that I've passed the Rubicon, I no longer fear drowning in it.

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