Friday, September 24, 2010

Live and Love

John would have been 50 years old today. I can't help it. He's on my mind.

Timothy and I were holding his hands when he awoke from his semi-conscious delirium three days before he died. He awoke, looked at us, and asked, "Am I dying?" I choked out the words, "Oh, my Love. Yes you are." He burst into tears and said, "Oh no... no... I'm not ready!"

I'm not ready. No one ever is. But we don't think about that as we fritter away our time in our daily lives. We don't stop to ask ourselves, "Is this what I would be doing if I knew I was going to die tomorrow?" Or how about this one, "Is this how I'd be treating that person if I knew it was their last day on earth?"

Get ready. Be ready. Because it comes crashing down sooner than you know. If we all took a moment to realize how truly fragile life is, we'd whine about the petty stuff a whole lot less. There is beauty to be had in every moment, but you need to take that moment, look around and see it.

It's Friday. The weekend awaits. Take some time out, spend some time with those you love - time that doesn't involve driving around doing errands or chores. Just some time to appreciate who they are in your life. Because, as John said, "It's those precious little moments. Just live and love."

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  1. Life is too short, just the blink of an eye really. John was lucky to have you, and you him, but i know you already know that. i love you.


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