Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a Sure Sign

I was checking out Magpie Girl's, 8 Things: Warning Signs. She said, "I’m thinking about all the little clues I carry around that show me when I’m not standing in my own power. If any of these show up, it’s a sure sign that I need to stand a little stronger. I use them as a warning sign to help me clue in and change my approach."

Although I'm usually aware, at least on some level, of my own warning signs, I've never actually limned them. Often, at least in my experience, making a list is a huge step toward conquering an issue. So, I'm happy to do this bit of soul spelunking. Here is my list of eight warning signs that I'm not standing tall.

1. The number one warning sign is that I have to go looking for inspiration. Normally inspiration, whether for writing, artwork, cooking, anything, comes fairly naturally to me. When I have to really think about it, I know that something is off.
2. I watch TV, not because there's anything of real interest on, but because I'm trying to distract myself. I'm not usually much of a TV watcher.
3. I eat junk food. Granted, I'm an over-eater as it is, but I try to stay with reasonably healthy items. So, the red flag flies high when I start scarfing total crap food. (I think ALL of my food issues go back to seeing myself as an unworthy vessel.)
4. I feel more tired than I ought to and/or drink more caffeine than normal. Yes, I'm a certified Bean Freak, but even I have my limits, and I know when I've cruised past them.
5. I feel needy and clingy. That's definitely not my usual MO!
6. External validation starts feeling wayyyyy too good.
7. I'm not doing what I should be doing and I know it. I start procrastinating things. Ahhhh... Avoidance, you evil bastard!
8. I'm easily annoyed by ridiculously small stuff.

Take some time. Think about it. What are your warning signs that you're not standing strong? Please share with me if you care to. Sometimes all it takes to snap me out of it is to admit to it.

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