Thursday, September 2, 2010

Living In Color

Rainbow of Chaos
Inspired by:
"We live in a rainbow of chaos."
~Paul Cezanne

Art is a funny thing. It's so subjective. I've always known this, but not on as personal of a level as I do now. There are things I've made that I thought, "boy, this will really get raves," but I end up hearing nothing. There are other things I've made that I thought, "well, at least I got whatever it is out, but I can't see anyone getting excited about it." Yet, it seems like those are the very things that everyone does get excited about. I think it's because they sense the heart behind the art.

Passion, even when it's not our own, does something to us when we see it. We crave a piece of it. We want what they've got, even if it is only an approximation. We see angels in the architecture and we want to live there.

Here's an even funnier thing. An artsy friend acquaintance of mine hinted that she felt threatened by my art. She seemed to have this idea in her head that I was going to, I don't know, maybe out art her in some way. How silly. For one thing, we're very different artists - different styles, different concepts, different mediums. Besides that, I'm not in it for the competition! That would just be foolhardy. Still, she was bothered that I've been so prolific lately, bothered that I'm willing to dabble with so many varying ideas. How can I not? That would be like tapping a well and lying down next to it until you die of thirst.

I know that it's all about some deep seated insecurity on her part. Duh. I get that. But. Huh. I don't get that.

*scratches head*

See... this is all still very new to me. It's a discovery. It's a recent discovery that I'm really, really excited about. As I unearth this buried treasure, I continue to find more to be excited about. So, I want to share that with others in the same way mathematical geeks get jacked about deciphering a new equation, in the same way spelunkers get worked up over a new cave segment. Even so, on the flip side of that is a humility that borders on timidity. Honestly, my art is very personal and I wouldn't share at all except that my art is very personal. It's part of me. It's who I am. Not sharing it would be... oh... like telling a friend to shut up when they ask me how I am.

What it comes down to...

Art is my adventure. It's my journey of a lifetime, both figuratively and literally. I'm just sharing the photographs from my trip.


  1. THIS is a fantastic piece of art. WOwzers. How did you acheive that "stippled/mottled" look inside the circles? Very cool. And the three red finger smears make me happy.

  2. I did the background by dripping inks on a wet piece of watercolor paper and kind of letting them swirl and bleed however they wanted to. The "stippled/mottled" look was done by hand... billions of tiny little dots with different colored pens. Oy, my hand is STILL tired!

    Oh, and thank you!


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