Monday, August 31, 2009

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

Nope, no picture again today. Because I'm posting these from an alternate computer, I don't have access to all my photos and scans. So, we'll just have to stumble around in the dark for the duration.

I've been enjoying the sky lately, both evening and morning. Living here in the valley affords some fantastic views. Late last night I sat out on the deck looking at the stars and searching for satellites. An enormous shooting star went whizzing by... it was beautiful with it's big tail chasing after it.

Mornings have been nothing less than a glorious study in purples, peaches and pinks. Delicious.

Last night, in between my late night and early morning sky watching, I had a strange dream, well... series of dreams last night. For the first time that I can remember, an object tracked through all my dreams. In the first dream I remember Steve gave me a Tupperware container full of bullets and asked me to hang on to them for him. The container showed up in the ten dreams I remember after that, and often I spent the better part of a dream looking for it because I had misplaced it. Significance? Dunno. But it's got me pondering.

After taking a good week or so off of forcibly trying to find a job, I'm back to the ol' employment search. Now that everything else has fallen into place, it's gotta follow track and happen soon, eh?

That's the news for today.

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