Saturday, August 29, 2009

All's Fair in Love & War

I took a lot of heat for yesterday's post. I guess when I'm feeling feisty it overwhelms some people. I make no apologies. I also got a lot of really great supportive response. Thanks to all of you who reaffirmed your love for this ol' gypsy girl.

Per Timothy's wishes, I am posting his emailed response in it's entirety. With a pal like this in my corner... well... what a rock. Love you so much, T! And thanks for your warm welcome to Steve. Can't wait to read this to him!

Without further ado, here is Timothy's response:

I need your help to post my below comment on your blog site but it won’t let me for whatever reason. I ask that you copy this entire message, this one I’m typing and the message below. I’m asking that you copy all of this email because I want everyone who takes time to read to know it is ME who wrote this and it is ME who feels this way! I would also like the readers to know I look forward to hearing from any and all of them if they need help to understand where I’m coming from through my brother JPJ. I can be reached at or 702-XXX-XXXX

Note from Barb: Sorry T, I just can't bring myself to post your phone number on the internet.).

Thanks Barb!


The rest of you need to work on self, taking time to take others inventory is just a way to hide from your reality! Give it up, get on with living life for today and all of its glory no matter what the outcome. Barb I'm proud that you continue to honor John's wishes and without any doubt in my mind my brother J is why Steve is here with you and all of us who love you as I do. Welcome to my family Steve!

By the way, perhaps all of you need to go back a couple of years ago last May to remember and honor him with his wishes and not your self-centered (doing in the name of) choices. My brother gave me life and my suggestion to you is to see the life he gave you and live it fully today! If you can’t relate, well in the nicest way I say ‘FUCK OFF’ and rain on someone else’s parade today!

Love brother, T

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  1. Live & Love ~ Brudda J

    Nothing but the best for you sis..nothing but the best!


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