Friday, October 3, 2008

True Speech

Ok, I haven't said it in a long time so I think I'm allowed. TATFGIF!!! (Thank all the freekin' gods it's Friday!) I'm so ready for a weekend that currently has no plans, no packing (maybe a little unpacking, but only if I feel like it), no moving, no demands. Just me n' my woodsy haven.

In celebration of the pending weekend, I'm going to post some notable quotables that I've collected over the past couple of weeks. Again, these are all spoken by people I know...

"Hey ho!"
"Yo wench!"

You're wasting my minutes.

Did I ever tell you about my friend who named her cat Dildo?

Let's move on to a lighter topic - like how the world is going completely mad right before my jaded eyes

Yeee-uck!! Who made this coffee?! I've sucked soccer player toes that tasted better than this!
(believe it or not, I wasn't the one who said that)

"You moved?"
...and before I could answer...
"She's living in the forest a zillion miles from nowhere!"
"Dang. You're not gonna go Kaczynski on us, are you?"
...and later...
"You need to get a dog out there."
"And I need to get a shotgun."
"Oh Jesus, there she goes."
"Well, I need a fishing pole too, if that makes you feel any better."
"Have you stopped shaving your legs yet?"

Truth be told, I'm drunk and it's barely helping.

Meeting with him is just another bitter pill to swallow (like one of those urinal puck mint things).


  1. You've settled in, your friends will "settle in" too, given time, and maybe enough beer :p...
    Oh and people do say the craziest things sometimes, I should know I do have the knack of putting foot in month.

  2. I did NOT name my cat Dildo (or any other coping device)-- just FYI for anyone who thinks that one came from ME...

    And even though I didn't contribute the soccer toes quote, I totally feel for the person who said it ;-)

    NOTE: Should I feel anxious that my word verivication is "PIMPJ"??


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