Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Man, A Dog, and Some Trout

I absolutely love this picture. I emailed it to several people adding, "What more could a girl ask for?!" Not much... a good man, a fine dog, and some darned tasty trout is about all this gypsy needs these days.

Yesterday Scott and Nino took off to find the perfect fishin' spot, the great unknown hidy-hole for trout and the elusive steelhead. After several frustrating attempts, he met with success and snagged three fish out of the water, 1-2-3... boom, boom, boom. Within two hours we were eating them. He did an amazing job cooking them - just dredged in a little flour, salt and pepper, then pan-fried (cast iron, best to be had for such jobs) in a bit of butter and garlic. Pair that with my (nearly) famous spinach salad and the meal was very nearly orgasmic. (*AHEM*) Well, it was epic to say the very least. Ain't nothin' quite like eating something that was alive only a couple hours before.

In other news, I've been talking with a shop owner up in Port Gamble. She is interested in carrying my artwork in her store. Port Gamble is a quaint, historic and touristy town on the Olympic Peninsula. People go there to spend money. So, here's hopin' my stuff will find the first of many successful niches. If so, I'll owe much of my successful launch to Scott. He was on the peninsula a month or so ago doing some work, walked into this woman's store, looked at some of the artsy stuff she had hanging around and said to her, "Boy, do I ever have a creative person for you to talk to." I was flattered that a.) he thinks that much of my work (I know, I know, why shouldn't he... but compliments are one thing, hawking the wares is entirely another), and b.) that he would be thoughtful enough to want to promote my work while in the midst of his own stuff. While not artistic (although I do find him highly creative), the man has a wonderful aesthetic and comes up with some very cool ideas for me to implement. He's very much (unbeknownst to him) been my muse over the past several months.

So, I guess this is my Scott post. It wasn't intentional. Didn't I start out talking about fish?! It's just that... the more I get of him, the more I find to admire and respect. He's one of the coolest and yet most unassuming (aren't all really cool people unassuming though?) humans I know. Just another person to cross my path and make me wonder, "Whereof am I so worthy?" Yeah, yeah... maybe I'm cool too, but you know what I mean.


  1. Yep, lad's a keeper, from my 'umble perspective ~

  2. Well from way over here he does look like a keeper too, oh and Scott can stay too...


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