Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In My Prime

I know. You think I'm all about words. I'm not. Fact is, I've been a number freak nearly all my life. I always excelled in math classes - math has long been a fascinating puzzle to me. Numbers interest me, and I've always had a good faculty for remembering numbers- phone numbers, combinations, etc. I work in the land of accounting and I'm good at it.

A few years ago it dawned on me that my life is filled with prime numbers (numbers that are only divisible by themselves and the number 1). For example, my birth date is 11/17/61; numerically the name Barb adds up to 23; more often than not when I wake up in the middle of the night the clock reads 3:47. I've never though much about the meaning behind it, only that it was interesting. I brought this little personal phenomenon up to my friend Wendi (my sage advisor) a few weeks ago. She asked if I'd ever done a numerology chart of my name or birthday. I barely even know such a thing existed much less considered it. Wendi's been reading up on and following aspects of numerology for years. She proceeded to pull up a site (
http://www.numberquest.com/) on her computer and left me stunned with stuff that rang so true that it's not a stretch to say that I was shook.

First of all,
Wikipedia defines numerology as "...any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things." Now, before you think I've taken a dive off the deep end, let me qualify this by saying that all things with any mystical value interest me, and like any belief system it's all open to interpretation, and ultimately based upon something another human set in place (read: open to fallibility).

Here's what numerology.com says about my birth date - whether you agree that this defines the quintessential Barb or not, understand that these are definitely qualities that I strive for in my life:
Life Path Destiny: 36 / 9
You contain all of the qualities of the humanitarian. Patient, wise and compassionate, you love in a way that can choose no favorites. You are here to love and to serve all equally and without prejudice. Others are drawn to you as a role model and it is your responsibility in life to be the embodiment of integrity, wisdom and inspiration. You are attracted to the fine arts and philosophy and you seem to have a direct line to higher wisdom. You will always receive all that you need. It is important that you focus your attention on service.

Further, here's what numerology.com says about the name Barbara Ann Black:
Soul Urge: 5 (Vowels: AAAAA)
Your Soul Urge - The Song of Your Soul - A Deeper Look Into What Motivates You

The Soul Urge number has also been called Heart's Desire and Spiritual Urge. It is our secret, innermost longing. Our dream, our motivation, the fuel that energizes our journey. The Soul Urge number reveals what we secretly strive to be or accomplish.
Variety is what drives you. For this reason travel, the arts, education and self expression are areas where you are likely to be found. Freedom to choose, to move about without limitation, to absorb information and to observe life are imperative to your inner health and happiness. You crave stimulation and may be drawn to exhilarating adventures and death-defying sports. Your sensual nature will lead the way. (Note from Barb: About the only thing that doesn't ring true there is the death-defying sports bit. However, skydiving is on my bucket list.)

Personality: 42 / 6 (Consonants: BRBRNNBLCK)
Your Personality - The Impression You Make upon the World
The Personality number describes the way we appear to the outside world, the first impression people have of us. We may not even be aware of how we are perceived by others because we are so often focused on our inner world, and many times the inner does not match the outer. Personality gives us a peek at some hidden talents we have. The talents that we use to get along in the world and in some instances, protect us from it. It is likened to a bag of tools (jewels) that we carry with us along the way.
People and animals are attracted by your maternal nurturing and affectionate appearance. It feels good being around you, as you are always looking for ways that you can make someone more comfortable. Your home is probably beautiful and welcoming too. You dress to reflect your harmonious and comfortable nature.
Expression: 47 / 11 / 2
Your Expression - Character, Talents and Identity - Your Unique Quality of Consciousness
The Expression number shows us who we truly are, what we came into this life already knowing. This is where we feel most comfortable and how we automatically act. We attract people and situations to us that require our Expression so that they can further evolve. In this way we play the role of teacher. Naturally we are attracted to occupations that we resonate to, so the Expression number can be a strong factor in our choice of a career as well. Our Expression is the vehicle, with all its virtues and vices, that drives us along the path of our Destiny. It is the essence of our identity.
As a peacemaker and mediator, you bring harmony and intuitive insight to all you come in contact with. You have an inborn ability to understand all sides of a situation, and you have the tact and gentleness to express it in a way that it will be received. This talent is the magical ingredient for "Peace on Earth". You are endowed with a high vibrational energy that may be expressed through inspirational, teaching, preaching, acting, art or invention. You have access to prophetic wisdom and your positive attitude is a transformational force in other people's lives. Fame and notoriety is very likely at some point in your life, as your kind of energy gets noticed! Much will be required of you in life when you have a master number (11 is a master number) vibration, because much will be given.

Later, in traipsing about the site on my own, I took it a little further and plugged in the words Black Inkpad, just to see if the moniker was as tasty as I feel like it is. Here's the report that came back (Fascinating, Captain!):
Expression: 39 / 12 / 3Self-expression is the gift you bring to the world. Whether through the arts, writing, drama, music or through some other field, you bring joy and inspiration to all by your sunny outlook and creative talents. You can assume a new role at any time, all mediums are open to you as methods of self-expression.Soul Urge: 11 / 2Peace and harmony is your desire. You are a natural mediator as you are genuine, tactful and adaptable. You tend to put your own will aside for others and it is difficult for you to make decisions. This may cause others to see you as shy, or lacking confidence. Your sensitivity and gentleness can be a great healing force bringing harmony and support to others.Personality: 28 / 10 / 1Others see you as a unique individual who always does their "own thing". Independent, capable and pioneering, you seem to take control of the situation and make it run effectively. You are very concerned with your image and always seem to dress in a way that gets noticed.

There's much more to all this and I'm just taking tottering baby steps. But I do find it extremely interesting and rather satisfying (in a "see, I told ya!" kind of way). What does it all mean? Dunno. It's not like I've discovered things about myself that I didn't already know, but I'm open to whatever wisdom the universe deigns to fling my way. I still don't know, and have found little on the significance of all the primes in my life, but they continue to pop up.
Lubomir Dimitrov says, "There are numbers, which cannot be divided on any other number. They are called prime numbers . These are for example 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and so on. These numbers represent prime energy - they express something that has never existed before. For this reason they are special..."

Good enough for me.

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  1. yeah prime numbers are fun, i'm actually helping to prove a number question right now - little project called "Seventeen or Bust" finding and proving the 17 sphenski numbers k.[2^n]-1 is a prime down to 8/9 or bust now..
    it's something to do I suppose..
    Numbers and science good projects for computers.
    My DOB isn't a prime in anyway unless you put it as a 2 digit year and then add the digits then it's a prime number.


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