Monday, October 13, 2008

Dog is in the Details

What a weekend! Best weekend I've had in a long time.

Scott returned from all his travels on Thursday and finally got to see the homestead. On Friday I dragged myself away and into work, plodded through the day, and finally escaped 1/2 an hour early. I got home and the house had already been warmed by a fire in the woodstove, but there was no sign of the man, and no response to my "Hulloooooo?" Being the bright woman I am, I noticed that one of the fishing poles was missing, so I wandered down the back steps toward the river. Just as I got to the bank, there he was, fishin' pole in hand, rounding the bend and stepping gracefully amid the rocks. I stood back and watched him scope the water and then cast. It was a beautiful scene and my heart slammed in my chest just watching. It's exactly what I'd been waiting to see since I found the place. Before I could blink a new song came to me,
River Song. It's one of the prettiest bits I've ever written, and sums up the mass of stuff in my heart right now.

Saturday was a busy day for me. I hauled a bunch of wood and chopped kindling (man, but I love wielding an ax!), planted tulip bulbs, and made 4 dozen Christmas cards for an order, went for a walk, and just enjoyed the day for all it was worth. I had a sense of contentment that's been missing for a long while. And, gads, but the scent of the trees and the river warmed by the sunlight is flat out intoxicating.

On Sunday Scott headed out for a mystery destination. He wouldn't say. All I got out of him was a secretive look from those wicked twinkly eyes along with a matching grin, and "I'll be back in a while." A few hours later he returned and there was a huge dog carrier in the front seat of his truck. He struggled to wrestle the heavy thing out, opened the cage door, and out slunk a somewhat trepidatious looking dog. No, not just a dog, but a gorgeous beast... a beautiful chocolate brown pit bull. Nino is just the sweetest boy in the world and I love him already. Midnight is feeling less than charitable - how dare this thing invade her space, how dare I allow it!? She spent entire the night hiding up in the loft, curled into as small a space as she could find where the slope of the roof meets the floor, staring down on the living room and clearly wondering when she might wake up from this frightening dream. Sorry kitty... you'll have to deal.

*happy sigh*... I just want to go home and be with my crowd.


  1. Oh man Barb, how could you I'm kinda with the cat on this one, I mean let some big "ugly" dog into my space - kinda like garfield when he first met odie... I'm sure Nino will be fine, not sure him and Midnight will ever see eye to eye but ya never know..

  2. said it Barb...she'll have to deal with it. Hmmmm, same scenario when we brought Daisie home. Kitty hid for days, nope they do not get along. The stories I could tell you about them thar' girls. Nothing like a complete household, eh? Have fun with your new pup, sis! Love ya'


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