Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dog Ma

Yesterday my good friend Patty (born of the dingo connection) wrote to me, "You guys are the best for giving both Midnight and Nino a home!!!" I thought about that for a few minutes and replied, "It’s Midnight and Nino that give us a home. Without ‘em, it’d just be a house." And that is so true. I "got" Midnight just a couple of weeks after John died because I needed a someone to come home to and the healing quality of the unconditional love that a pet will provide. Before I made the decision to bring her home, I questioned my possible emotionally needy knee-jerk motivation, but in this case I was right on the money. She's been more good for my wounded soul than I can say.

And now my pet family has expanded to include sweet, lovable Nino. He's such a good dog. People seem shocked that I would have a pitbull, but let me tell you, pitbulls get a very bad rap. I've never met a pitbull that I didn't like. As with any animal, it's all about the environment they're given. So, don't you go givin' me any crap about my pup... love me, love m'dawg.

It’s no wonder that The Devine Ms. M is feeling fairly put out. After all, she’s been alpha animal for the past year and a half (she had it all over the long lost fish from day one). For two days she quit eating, drinking, responding to my lovin' affection and just hid in a far corner of the loft. She had me worried. In a (probably somewhat PMS induced) fit of frantic weeping I blubbered, "Scott... my cat is going to die. She won't do anything but hide and she's so freaked out. I don't know what to do." "We'll get rid of the dog then," said the overly pragmatic man. "NO! Don't you dare!" responded the overly emotional wench. So, I had a little meeting of the minds - a little adjustment to the animal mentality so to speak.

Mind you, Scott is really good with animals – has that great gift of knowing just when to be gentle or playful or firm. He thinks it’s a little on the nutty side of things that I have “discussions” with them and more so when I remind them of discussions later (but I’ll swear it works!). Anyway, two nights ago I had a long discussion with Midnight and told her, “Ok sweet girl, this is now the way it is. There is a D O G in the house and he’s staying. I love you very dearly and you will always be my A #1 Very Best Kitty of Them All. But you are making me cry because you’re not taking care of yourself and not eating or anything. I have enough love for you and a D O G, so you will just have to deal with that and help make it a peaceful existence. I promise I will never ever let anyone or anything hurt you. Deal? Ok.”

Then I had a discussion with Nino. “Look Buddy. Here’s the gig. I know you’re a dog and you will always be a dog – you’re very good at being a dog and that’s what I love most about you. But you have to understand that the cat was here first and she’s smaller and more than a little freaked out by you. She would have been freaked out by any dog though since she’s just not used to that. So, here’s what I need from you. I want this to be a peaceful home, ok? You need to chill out on your enthusiasm for the cat. Just let her hang and get used to you a while. Oh, and mind the big guy over there… he’s not nearly as nice as I am, but you didn’t hear that from me. However, whatever rules he lays down go for me as well. And, Nino? That being said, I am very nice, but don’t mess with me or anyone I love (I’m referring to the C A T here especially) because then you’ll find out how un-nice I can be. Do we understand each other? Good boy.”

The rest of the evening, Nino was so well behaved and it was about an hour after the discussions that Midnight came out of hiding. Any time Nino started acting up, I’d say, “Nino! Do we need another discussion?” And he’d just sit down. Animals know, they understand. I wish humans were as easy to deal with.

I'm lovin' my little family-cosm... patchwork quilts have always been my favorites. I have a good man, a good dog, a good cat, a good home, beautiful surroundings, plenty of firewood, good health, sound mind. I'm grateful. Thank you for the grace of this goodness, Oh Universe. Ego ero dignus... I will be worthy.

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