Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reasonable Doubt

I'm on jury duty this week. Lucky me. Yeah yeah, no need to remind me it's my civil duty blahblahblah... *fraap* Today I got to watch the opposing attorneys bugger each other for four hours, accomplishing nothing, as the judge threw the case out for lack of evidence. I hope he spanked the attorneys in an unpleasant manner in the process. Friggin' bottom dwelling scum suckers.

And, I get to go back tomorrow for more. Pretty pathetic when you're doing something that makes you think, "Geez, but I'd really rather be at work."

But! I got a lot more reading done and I'm lovin' Lisey's Story. It's a difficult read for me, for personal reasons, but at the same time, it speaks loudly and clearly to so much of what I've felt over the past year or so. I'm really glad I put off reading it.

Been grooving a bunch to Jason Mraz's remix of his song I'm Yours, as it seems to play whenever I'm in the truck... yet another bit of irony in light of recent life events. The gods are having fun with me these days. (As Laura would say, "It's a sign!" Mayhap, Haute Bisquette, mayhap.

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