Monday, June 9, 2008

Hi-Ho Silver... Away!

"I admire your skill at trying to obfuscate our sense of reality."
~Star Trek TNG

What a world, what a world... what fresh Dingo Hell is this...?

I returned today after my four day absence last week to 97 emails, 73 "while you were out" messages, and 44 faxes. Oy vey. Also, last week was invoicing (usually my busiest week), and that was totally fubar due to some glitch in the system. It was almost comical in a near-hysteric way... Store H got billed for Store G's product, who in turn was billed for Store F's product, and so on ad infinitum. Nice. Click heels thricely... I'm glad to be home.

Tomorrow is Scott's shoulder surgery. I'm trying not to be too nerved about that, but my internal worrier (damn her) is pacing and fretting.

Ah, yes. And all this on an hour and a half of sleep last night? Why for? In the words of Katsumoto, it was "a good con-bare-sashun." (Last Samurai)

I need a drink. And a nap. Quantity and Quality on both parts.


  1. Give Scott my best for a speedy recovery & ding-hoy ho for the Dingo dookie (you have my empathy in capital letters). 'Nuff Said ~

  2. I sympathize on the whole invoice front, I've just about sorted out all the invoice mess that has gone on..
    97 emails - hmm but how many should be classed as "spam", I guess they missed ya ...
    Katsumoto san Hai..
    :) Ya just made me smile,


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