Saturday, June 21, 2008

At Long Last

Did y'all give up on me ever posting again? So sorry for my unexcused absence. It's been quite a busy week. Work, stress, hanging, more work, artwork, cooking, cleaning... blah, blah, blah. Someone call me a Whaaaambulance. Lenon said it, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."
We're finally getting a tiny bit of summer here. Yesterday was sunny and mid-70's. I had the dingo crew over for a BBQ and farewell gig for one of my favorite co-workers (kid named Yaro). There's nothing so good as seeing a "youngster" with a good head on his shoulders and the world wide open before him. I have great hopes for the lad.

Today Scott and I are off to the races (Division 6, NHRA drag races), courtesy of Gary. Today are the time trials at Pacific Raceway. And, it's another beauty day. I'm excited! The smell of burning rubber, fuel, screamin' engines, the wacky race-groupies.... funner than a bucket o' wet monkeys.


  1. Barb, Give up on ya ever posting again, nope.. I figured you was busy doing all the stuff that pays the bills etc..
    I can only call ya a Wahwerambulance will that do?
    Yeah Gotta love some "petrol-heads" as we call them over here, totally crazy, they go mental a the sound of a V8 engine starting that real throaty growl etc..

  2. Um... I happen to be one of the mentals.

  3. Drag races are bitchin'!! Nothing like feeling the gut rumbling, tire burning, smoke inhaling thrill. Hope you had a awesome time with your guy and at the races.

    Take care...we love ya' sis!


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