Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wish Big

When we wish we don't screw around. We wish big.

A couple of weeks ago I posted as my facebook status: What do you wish? There were a couple of silly responses, but most of them were heartfelt pleas to the Universe for something bigger and better - financial freedom, a new car, peace, health, etc.

When, as children, we'd say, "I wish..." My Dad would respond, "Wish in one hand, shit in the other. See which is true." Which told me that my wishes were about as worthy as a handful of crap.

I say there's nothing at all wrong with wishing. There's nothing wrong with wishing so long as you stand behind your wishes, so long as you're accountable for them, so long as you're responsible for them.

There's nothing wrong with wishing as long as you're willing to do some of the work.

I believe that wishes come true. I've seen wishes come true. However, I don't believe that some glittery Fairy Godmother is going to drop our desires into our laps. It just doesn't work that way. I know that if I want to go to the ball, I may just have to dust off my sewing machine and make myself a ballgown. I may have to call a cab to get there. If I want to dance with the handsome prince, it might just require me walking up to him and saying "hello" and "care to dance?"

There's nothing wrong with wishing as long as you're willing to participate, if you're willing to be active within that wish.

If our wish is for peace, I strongly believe that we have a responsibility - to paraphrase Ghandi - to be the peace. After all, is it going to matter that all the warring factions of the world have put down their arms if you can't stop arguing with your spouse at the dinner table? Not much.

If you're going to wish, make your wish known. Don't believe all that garbage about "it won't come true if you keep it to yourself." Hogwash!

If you wish for a new car, take steps toward it. Do the research, plan the budget, get the word out - because while there's never a glittery FG, sometimes they do show up wearing t-shirts and jeans. They won't park your new car in your driveway, but they might just say, "Hey, I've got a very good friend who needs to get rid of their car, nothing wrong with it, but they're selling cheap because...."

If you're going to wish, make sure you are truly open to that wish and all it entails.

If finding the mate of your dreams is your big wish, get ready to dance! You need to get out there in some form or another. You're not going to find that person sitting on the sofa and watching TV. You're for sure not going to find that person by whining about how horribly lonely your life is. Show some enthusiasm. Others are never so attracted to us as when we let our passion(s) in and for life shine.

Wish all you want, and go ahead, wish big! There's never a better time of year to do it than the holiday season. Sometimes (are you listening out there, Dad?) the crap in the other hand can be used to fertilize what needs to grow.

Oh, and one other thing that goes along with the wishing gig... when the Universe does conspire to make it happen (nod to Paulo Coelho), be grateful. Don't complain. When you get the new car, don't gripe about how much gas it uses. When you find the mate of your dreams, don't bitch about them leaving their socks on the floor. The Universe doesn't like attitudes like that and will gladly yank your good fortune. You'll find yourself walking to the bus stop and living alone again before you can say, "I wish...."

"What kind of world do you want? Think anything..."
~Five For Fighting

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